David MacIsaac

David MacIsaac

Appointed to the Green Communities Canada Board of Directors, May 2012.

David MacIsaac is the Transportation Demand Management Program Supervisor at Halifax Regional Municipality. He is responsible for the implementation of the Municipality’s sustainable transportation initiatives, including the Active Transportation Plan, employer-based programs, community-based social marketing projects, and parking management.

From 2001 to 2011, David was the Manager of Urban Transportation Programs at Transport Canada in Ottawa. In that role he led three national funding programs designed to support integrated, innovative, and community-based projects that increased opportunities for Canadians to chose more sustainable transportation options. In that role he also led the implementation of knowledge development and dissemination initiatives for transportation professionals and community leaders in support of increasing the modal share of sustainable transportation options.

He has collaborated with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Transportation Association of Canada, the Association of Commuter Transportation and various other national and international groups to develop new national guidelines, implement learning events and foster professional networks.

Prior to working at Transport Canada, David was with the Privy Council Office and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. He began working on transportation issues during a summer internship at the City of Toronto’s Healthy City Office in 1993 and worked for the Toronto-based non-profit group Transportation Options for three years in the mid-1990s.
He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from St. Francis Xavier University and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University.

He lives in the North End of Halifax with his partner and two young children and enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time at the family “farm” near Upper Stewiake, Nova Scotia.