Ellen Mortfield

Ellen Mortfield

Appointed to Green Communities Canada Board of Directors in 2010. 

Ellen Mortfield is the Executive Director at EcoSuperior Environmental Programs, a Thunder Bay-based founding member of Green Communities Canada. Ellen was originally hired as Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, then took on the task of co-manager in 1996. In 2008, the organization restructured, naming her Executive Director.

The organization provides environmental education and stewardship programs in water and energy conservation, active transportation, waste reduction, pollution prevention and urban greenspaces. Ellen has played a key role in developing the partnerships and programs that have made EcoSuperior a respected leader in motivating public involvement in the environmental issues facing northwestern Ontario and the Lake Superior Basin. A graduate of Commercial Communications at St. Lawrence College, Ellen has a varied background as an advertising writer, and prior work in media, publishing and marketing have been central to EcoSuperior’s success.

In 2004, she presented a deputation to Thunder Bay City Council in cooperation with the Zero Waste Action Team that resulted in the formation of EarthWise Thunder Bay, a community partnership charged with developing a local sustainability action plan. Ellen was a member of the EarthWise Steering Committee and continues to serve on several EarthWise working groups, including Green Building, Energy and Economic Development. She is also a board member of the Superior Renewable Energy Cooperative (SREC). The group has organized three successful Renewable Energy House Tours, workshops on wind energy and solar thermal installations, and is currently pursuing solar demonstration projects in the community.

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Ellen has been a part of the Thunder Bay community since 1989. She enjoys the challenges of operating a non-profit with no core funding, as well as the creative aspects of social marketing.

Ellen balances the more stressful aspects of her career with a rural lifestyle as a part-time farmer and gardener on 25 acres in Lappe with horses, chickens and two children.