Paul-Antoine Troxler

Paul-Antoine Troxler

Appointed to the Green Communities Canada Board of Directors in 2009. Reappointed in May 2012.

Paul-Antoine Troxler has made melding city and environmental issues a constant objective.

Paul-Antoine is head of education and research initiatives for the Quebec chapter of the Canada Green Building Council. Prior to this position, he worked in the Leadership and Environment Department of the Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal, a regional development agency, both as project developer and interim director.

In 1997, he established and led for 13 years Éco-quartier Peter-McGill in Downtown Montreal, winning the Phénix de l’environnement, a Quebec-wide environmental award. Between 2006 and 2011, he was president of the Regroupement des éco-quartiers, a Montréal network of neighbourhood-based, city-mandated, environmental education and civic initiative organizations.

A graduate in Urban Planning, as well as Public Law from the Université de Montréal, he also studied Regional Planning at the Centre d’études supérieures d’aménagement (Polytech Tours), in France.

In addition, he has spent several years at the Public and Educational Programs department of the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

He is a founding member of the Peter-McGill Community Council and acted as its vice-president.

A perennial car-free resident of central Montreal, he has been a member of several sustainable development advisory boards (appointed 2009).