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FOR MORE than a decade, Green Communities have been leading champions of affordable energy retrofits – bringing the benefits of energy efficiency to those who can least afford to pay.  Over the years this work has included: 

  • publishing studies and reports 
  • hosting national conferences 
  • webinars 
  • service on a federal-provincial committee that recommended a national framework for delivering affordable energy retrofits. 
  • Low-income energy retrofit program design, testing, and delivery. 

In 2010 we brought all this work together under the umbrella of our Affordable Energy program, which we founded to foster creative new approaches to solving energy poverty.

Sharing best practices 

Our 2011 Affordable Energy webinar series was highly attended with sessions on topics as: 

Expertise in community-wide retrofits

We are very interested in promoting community-wide retrofit programs serving both low-
income and able-to-pay households as a way of minimizing costs and maximizing participation. With support from Enbridge, we published a report Community Wide Retrofits: International Best Practices that includes lessons learned from the U.K. and the U.S.

For municipalities or utilities that are considering implementing a community-scale retrofit program, Green Communities Canada is pleased to offer our assistance.  We can provide support at any stage in the process, from initial feasibility and concept development, to full-fledged program design, to marketing and outreach, and also management and delivery of the retrofits themselves.  To date our clients have included the City of Hamilton, the Ontario Power Authority, and Enbridge Gas.  

Working with First Nations 

Affordable Energy has also been working on ways to bring the benefits of energy efficiency to First Nations communities, particularly in the north, where energy costs are high, and housing is often inefficient. In 2011, with funding from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (formerly INAC), we held a national forum in Winnipeg to talk about the potential for energy saving and job creation. In 2012, again with support from Aboriginal Affairs, we prepared a paper outlining a model for financing First Nations retrofits from energy bill savings. (To be published soon.) Next step: retrofit pilots.

In February 2010, Affordable Energy hosted a gathering in Winnipeg of First Nations representatives and other key stakeholders to discuss the next key steps needed to bring the benefits of energy efficiency to First Nations communities.


 See our website,, for more information.

Our funders: 

Many thanks for supporting this work go to the Catherine Donnelly Foundation, the United Church of Canada, The Green Communities Foundation, Enbridge Gas, and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

“No one should have to choose between heating their homes and providing for their families.”