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Leading the way in home energy efficiency

GREEN COMMUNITIES have been leaders in home energy-efficiency since the early 1990s, when we delivered over 100,000 “green home visits” providing professional home energy retrofit advice to homeowners across Ontario. 

We have also been on the forefront of developments in the home energy retrofit industry in Canada. We piloted the EnerGuide for Houses energy auditing program for the federal government in 1997, and have advised over the years on program development.

Innovation leads to increased results

To improve participation rates and measured savings from EnerGuide for Houses ratings, we developed and piloted a performance-based incentive program in which homeowners received cash grants scaled to their improvement on the EnerGuide scale. In 2003, the federal government adopted this incentive program, resulting massive increase in retrofits completed – from 4,000 pre-incentives to more than 500,000 nation-wide in 2009. To date, about 700,000 retrofits have been completed under the program, resulting in annual savings of close to 30 million GJ. 

Helping Canadians save energy

To date Green Communities in Ontario, British Columbia and elsewhere have helped more than 220,000 Canadian households to save energy, lower heating bills and improve comfort.

As delivery agents for the federal government’s EcoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program, we have helped more than 22,000 Ontario home owners access $67 million dollar in grants to carry out home energy retrofits.

Quality is assured through training and certification

Our home energy audits are conducted by Certified Energy Advisors who have undergone the most rigorous training and certification course in the industry. Our advisors are committed to helping owners find the most cost-effective means of reducing their energy consumption.  See our Home Energy Solutions website.

We’re serious about saving you energy